“Being the owner operator of a small business I wear a lot of hats. Being able to let Riser Media Group take care of my marketing allows me to focus my energy on my clients and their needs while I am confident that my marketing and online presence is in capable hands with Charlotte. She understands my business image and makes us look professional, competent, compassionate and polished.”

BEN STARK, Owner, Sunny Service

“Charlotte with Riser Media Group is like having a business partner that feeds off your interpersonal and business creativity. She has pushed me beyond my comfort zone, has updated my business, produced a webpage I couldn’t be more proud of while boosting my self esteem giving me the drive to better myself and business. She is a business coach to say the least. I am far more fluent in social media and in daily contact on ideas to support my business. I feel like I have the support and a friendship holding me accountable to be the best I can be.”

AIMEE WINBURN, Owner, Aimee Salons

“Charlotte is a go getter, she never backs down from a difficult task. She has some of best communications skills I have ever seen. When working with customer service, sales, and managing people she listens well and takes quick action to solve problems. Many times she has taken the lead on assisting me with business challenges and always coming through in a pinch”

DAWN LEE, Owner, Flower Mound Medical Massage